iPhone X
Jammed Game (Easter Egg)
Client / Nicholas Koteskey

Jammed is a short platformer game we designed for Nicholas Koteskey which was released as an easter egg in part of a larger blockchain Dapp. The game features retro artwork true to the colors of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), cut scene illustrated story cards, exciting Mega Man styled action platforming, an epic boss battle, and rolling end credits.

Nick was adamant about us building the application with vanilla Javascript to ensure it’s compatibility with the blockchain Dapp with which it would be released. We chose the popular and widely used Phaser Javascript game engine to give us a solid foundation and some handy, out-of-the box tools.

The game is compatible with desktop and mobile devices and features the necessary onscreen UI. We built custom JS classes for the hero, Jammy, enemies like Zomberries, Flying Blueberries, and Pineapple Bombs, a class for the sound engine, graphics handling, and much more. The result was a short, action-packed adventure that’s enjoyable for new gamers as well as those brimming with nostalgia for the NES.

We plan to extend this to a full-length game for Android, iOS, and dedicated gaming consoles in 2020.